10 Aug

A Level Results Day Information

On Thursday 17th August 2017 your Level 3 results will be officially published and you will be able to collect a printout from 9.00am onwards. YOU CANNOT BE GIVEN YOUR RESULTS OVER THE PHONE.

Please read the following information very carefully now, so that you are aware of the options you may have and the support that the college can provide you with.


Results Day

From the morning of 17th August onwards, there will be a number of staff available to help, advise and support you about what to do next. Our base room will be in a room adjacent to the coffee shop on the morning of 17th August.  (Don’t bury your head in the sand, especially if you are disappointed. We have a great deal of expertise in resolving difficulties and helping you to negotiate with universities.)  


University Applicants

There are a number of things you should do BEFORE results day:

  • Check NOW that your access to TRACK on the UCAS website is working, as this is your vital information and communication route. If you have lost your access details/ password etc, sort that out now by contacting Customer Services (0371 468 0 468). You will not be able to get through easily for that purpose on 17th August.

NB: The TRACK website will be frozen from 11th August to 8.00am on 17th August to enable the universities to upload the information on confirmation of places. If you need to amend your details during these periods, ring the Customer Services Unit.

  • If you have changed any of your contact details (address, tel no, mobile no, e-mail) since you applied to UCAS and have not informed UCAS or your chosen universities of such changes, DO SO IMMEDIATELY or the delay in getting in touch could cost you your place. 
  • Check NOW that the information on your UCAS application form about the qualifications you intended completing is correct. If it is no longer accurate YOU MUST AMEND THIS ASAP by using TRACK or ringing UCAS Customer Services directly.
  • Universities receive exam results directly from the exam boards so any discrepancies between what you put on your application form and what you actually took will cause problems and you could lose your place. For example, if you have listed the incorrect exam board for an A2 qualification your results will not be confirmed by the universities.

NB: If your conditional offer includes a GCSE result it is your responsibility to inform the university of this as GCSE results are not sent directly from the exam boards to the universities.

  • GCSE RESULTS DAY is Thursday 24th August. Look up the Admissions Tutors’ telephone numbers for the courses you have accepted as your Firm and Insurance offers so you have them to hand quickly and easily on results day. 
  • The UCAS website has plenty of information about what to do on results day. Watch the videos on UCAS TV on the website. They are short, but very clear. Read the info they have sent you too. 
  • Take a look at the following sections on the Student area of UCAS. The Results area on the left hand menu, gives you very clear and detailed advice.

Hint: The Frequently Asked Questions provide really useful tips.   

  • You can access a great deal of help from Facebook and Twitter at UCAS where they have a dedicated team of experts. 
  • On the dedicated Clearing feed there will also be advice available on applying through Clearing, video responses to common questions and real-time updates on statistics, new stories and what’s happening at UCAS. 
  • Exam Results Helpline – 0808 100 8000 
  • From 17th August, the Adjustment ‘button’ will be available to all applicants once their place is unconditional, whether they qualify or not. DO NOT REGISTER for ADJUSTMENT UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN YOU KNOW YOU ARE ELIGIBLE and YOU INTEND TO BENEFIT FROM IT or you could complicate your acceptance onto the course you really want to be on.

Adjustment: those applicants who achieve better results than expected may consequently meet and exceed the conditions of their firm choice. Applicants in this position may be happy to keep their current choice, but Adjustment gives them an opportunity to reconsider where and what to study. Applicants must make sure they research their Adjustment choices thoroughly and give as much consideration to new courses as they did their original choices.


Important Information

  • Always have your UCAS number, username and password available when contacting a university.  
  • If you have met the conditions of your offer, there is no need to ring the university.  
  • If you have narrowly missed the conditions, ring the university, but be prepared to be patient (see notes on following page). 
  • If you have lodged an appeal against an exam result – ring the university immediately; do not wait for the outcome of the appeal
  • Universities will start sending out letters of acceptance by first class post on Wednesday 16th August – but not receiving a letter on 17th August does not indicate you have you have missed out on your place.  
  • Universities will send their decisions to UCAS who will upload regularly onto TRACK. Look at TRACK regularly for the status of your application. 
  • You will normally be asked to confirm your acceptance of your place, which you do through TRACK. You will not be able to ‘undo’ this decision except by withdrawing from UCAS completely, so discuss it with your family and staff at the College who can advise you if you need to consider this. 


What To Do If You Gain the Grades You Need For Your Firm Offer

  • First of all – Congratulations! On TRACK on the UCAS website, the code beside the course you are holding as your Firm Offer will change from CF (Conditional Firm) to UF (Unconditional Firm) – you might be able to find this out before you set off for College on 17th; each university works at its own speed. 
  • The university will contact you. You do not need to contact them. 
  • DOUBLE CHECK that the course details are right and that you have not been sent a ‘changed course’ offer. If the latter is the case, then tell us in College and discuss it with us – you usually have 5 days in which to contact the university about this. 


What To Do If You Gain Better Grades Than You Need For Your Firm Offer

  • Congratulations! On TRACK on the UCAS website the code beside the course you are holding as your Firm Offer will change from CF (Conditional Firm) to UF (Unconditional Firm).   
  • However, a new opportunity is available to you. You can seek out a course that required higher grades and apply for it, without losing your Firm Offer (now UF) place. This process is called Adjustment.  
  • From the moment your university place became coded UF, you have 5x24hours in which to try to find another place. (This time limit includes Sundays & Bank Holidays, even if the university is closed!)   
  • DO NOT DO THIS without discussing it with St David’s College Staff before you actually register for ADJUSTMENT on TRACK. We will double check your eligibility and look at vacancies with you. Then you can register for ADJUSTMENT. (If you had previously only applied for 1 course, you will have to pay an extra £11.) 
  • YOU have to ring the Universities to discuss whether they will consider you – they may want to interview you too!  
  • If a university does offer you a place through Adjustment you will have to confirm with them that you want it (they may want an e-mail, rather than just a verbal ’Yes’ only.) 
  • The ‘new’ university will then decline the offer you are holding and confirm your new place with them. You will not be able to change your mind, so take your time making this decision.  It means you will be turning down a course and possibly a university you have thoroughly researched and visited, where you had accommodation sorted as well as bursaries and/or grants. Don’t be too hasty! 
  • After 5 x 24 hours, if you have not got a place through Adjustment, then your original Firm place stands unless you choose to decline it and withdraw from UCAS completely because you are going to take a Gap Year. 


What To Do If You Do Not Gain the Grades You Need For Your Firm Offer

  • DON’T PANIC! Your Firm choice university may still accept you or make a ‘changed course’ offer and you may still find that CF has been changed to UF on your TRACK area. 
  • If your Firm choice does not accept you and you only missed your grades by a few marks, it is worth contacting the university Admissions Tutor directly to see if you can negotiate your way in. Remember that the universities do not see the raw marks or module results, only the overall grades. 
  • If you are holding an Insurance offer (CI), you may be accepted onto that course, in which case the Insurance course will change on your TRACK area from CI to UF. Your place will then be confirmed by both UCAS and the university who will write to you. 


What To Do If You Do Not Gain the Grades You Need For Your Firm Offer OR For Your Insurance Offer

  • If your Insurance choice does not accept you and you only missed your grades by a few marks, it is worth contacting the university Admissions Tutor directly to see if you can negotiate your way in.
  • Remember that the universities do not see the raw marks or module results, only the overall grades. You may be offered a ‘changed course’ place.
  • You usually have 5 days in which to contact the university. If you cannot negotiate your place then you will automatically go forward for Clearing. (See notes below) 



  • For students holding no offers before results day, Clearing is open to those students from July 5th and vacancies are displayed in the UCAS Search tool. 
  • The Clearing process enables UCAS Applicants without a place at university to try to fill a vacancy on a course which still has places available. 
  • You have a separate and different ID once you are in Clearing, known as CLEARING NUMBER – you will find this on your TRACK area. You will have to quote it when you contact universities.  
  • The entire process will be electronic, so your access to your application and TRACK is crucial. There are no letters or paper confirmation of anything whatsoever. In due course, it is worth saving or printing out the details of the course you do decide to apply for/accept.  
  • BTEC students can start to access Clearing from 5th August, provided their university has made a decision on their Conditional place, but be aware that the Welsh Baccalaureate results are not published until 17th August.  
  • In Clearing you can informally discuss several offers at the same time but you can only fill in ONE course on the Clearing area of TRACK. I.e. You cannot officially apply for several places in Clearing at once. 
  • If unsuccessful with one course, you can then make another attempt, but if you accept a place and then realise that is a mistake you will have to negotiate with that university for your release and the admin side of that will not be their priority. 
  • While the release is being sorted out you will not be eligible to apply for anything else. If you do not hold any Conditional place you will automatically be entered for Clearing and given a Clearing Number. NOTE THIS NUMBER DOWN CAREFULLY. You cannot gain a place through Clearing without it.
  • Look at the list of vacancies which will be published on 17th August morning via the UCAS website. You do not have to apply for the same subject in Clearing that was on your original form.  
  • DISCUSS possibilities with your tutors. 
  • THINK hard about what you want – don’t just go for the first course you see. You might find a better one a bit later in the day and if you go for the first one, it will be too late to do anything about the next one!  
  • It is essential that YOU (not a parent or tutor) contact a university you are interested in and discuss the course and your qualifications with an Admissions Tutor. 
  • If you are acceptable, you will be offered a provisional place and given a date by which you must enter it on TRACK. 
  • It is worth asking the University to confirm this verbal offer with an email before you update TRACK, just so that you have a record of the conversation. 
  • YOU CAN NOW enter that course on TRACK. 
  • If you decide you don’t like the sound of the course, you don’t enter it on TRACK and you can try negotiating with another institution.  
  • It is very unlikely a university will confirm a place through Clearing without you speaking to them directly. 
  • On 17th August there will be St David’s staff available in College to discuss all of these issues.

The UCAS team hope you are all enjoying your summer break and we look forward to seeing you on 17th August. 

Mr M Andrews

Assistant Senior Manager

UCAS  Co-ordinator