Empowering Communities: Chloe's Inspiring Volunteer Work

Congratulations to Chloe, for being nominated for the CS3C Volunteer of the Year, in recognition of her inspiring voluntary contributions, and for becoming a beacon of positivity and inspiration through her volunteer efforts. From mentoring younger children in her local youth club to engaging with the community through the St John’s Ambulance’s cadets and promoting online safety with children in Wales, Chloe’s commitment to making a difference is remarkable. She shares her journey in finding confidence through empowering communities and looks to inspire others to participate.

“Currently, I volunteer as a young leader at my local youth club” Chloe notes, where she ensures children aged 7 to 9 not only have fun, “but also get educated on important matters”.

Chloe has created a trusting, safe, and informative space for these young learners, covering topics such as mental health, period poverty, healthy eating, body image, and future planning. She guides them through courses like the Duke of Edinburgh and cooking skills programs, providing practical skills and building their CVs for future endeavors.

Chloe’s involvement with the cadets, a program coaligned with St John’s Ambulance, extends to various community work like a recent sponsored walk for an ovarian cancer charity fundraising event. Engaging with the community through events like Race for Life, marathons, fun days, and police events, she actively contributes to raising awareness on issues affecting the population.

Her commitment to the online safety of young people is reflected in her contribution towards the Keep Safe Online group in Wales, with a focus on creating a space in which they can “discuss key issues we think young people face and explore ways we can educate them”.

Empowering Communities: Chloe's Inspiring Volunteer Work

Chloe shed some light on why she thought it was important to volunteer:

“Firstly, the amazing people you meet! Whilst volunteering in your local area you get to learn so many things you didn’t know before. It’s so nice to go out of your comfort zone and interact with people you may not have ever spoken to before.”

“Secondly, I would say the experience and the chance to promote personal growth. In day-to-day life we all face our own difficulties but volunteering it’s a chance to challenge yourself and try something new. I think it is so important as it develops your empathy, your understanding, your communication and most importantly your perspective. This is a great thing and these kinds of skills and exposure are very useful for life.”


Empowering Communities: Chloe's Inspiring Volunteer Work

Chloe’s journey into volunteering started at her local youth club, where she gradually transitioned from visiting and socialising with friends to becoming a proficient youth leader after the club had offered Chloe to join a program called ‘Stronger Me,’ where she soon became a young leader. Volunteering, for her, is not just a commitment but a passion that has become an integral part of her identity. She details that “volunteering is just a part of me now, it’s what I love to do, and I would be so lost without it, the opportunity, the people and everything about it just amazes me.”

Recognised as a nominee for Volunteer of the Year with C3SC, Chloe emphasises the importance of meeting new people, gaining experiences, and promoting personal growth through volunteering.

For those considering volunteering but unsure where to start, Chloe offers straightforward advice: “Just do it. Embrace the experience with an open mind, caring heart, and passion for making a positive impact.” In Cardiff, there are numerous opportunities for voluntary work, from charity shops to local clubs and youth organisations.

Chloe’s nomination was a tremendous achievement, and her dedication and impact were evident, standing out as the only 16-year-old among nominees aged 25.

Chloe’s optimistic outlook and commitment to the betterment of the local community is inspiring to St David’s College community and the local Community, congratulations on this fantastic achievement!

We wish you the best of luck in the next steps of your future endeavours, Chloe. 

You can find out more about volunteering through the C3SC website at: https://c3sc.org.uk/volunteer/