Student Council

This year, we are a strong group of people who inspire to do great things for this College, we are the student union. Together, we plan to work as a team and also involve other students and staff to help us achieve our goals for the 2016-2017 year. As a student union, our main focuses are to plan great social events such as parties for our students and also work very closely with charities. We feel that as great as partying is, charities are equally important and it's definitely something that will be mentioned throughout the year. On behalf of the SDSU, we hope we meet your expectations and we also wish you the best academically this year.

We are currently working very hard to organise more college parties at different venues, supporting the talent show and also looking into doing more college activities such as an Easter egg hunt before the Easter half term, and events for valentine’s day and St David's day and many more.

To get in contact with the union, feel free to find us in our office (T04A) or email us at